By purchasing Painted Cellar products, you agree to the following terms for personal and professional (i.e., commercial) use for derivative works. This means the resources purchased here are to be adapted, altered and incorporated into brand new designs.

You may use these images to create new art that you sell commercially. 

Permitted use of these products for commercial use is consonant with being a part of a greater whole, i.e., a derivative work, as opposed to utilizing the purchased images unaltered/unchanged, or using as stand-alone without significant alteration.

The license for the image downloads extends to the original purchaser exclusively and cannot be re-licensed, sub-licensed, resold or redistributed. 

You may not resell or redistribute Painted Cellar images in the same format in which they were sold to you or in products where they can be extracted and/or accessed as a creative resource; ie, they may not be used to create textures, backgrounds, overlays or brushes (for example) or  made available as any kind of creative resource. They must be part of a new finished work and not extractable (or accessible) as a creative resource.

You cannot sell these products that could any way be a competitive entity with Painted Cellar.

All sales are final. No returns or store credit will be issued after purchase; as digital merchandise, it is by nature not returnable. By downloading Painted Cellar products, you agree to these terms of use. If you receive the incorrect download or have trouble retrieving your purchase, do not hesitate to contact us and we will address your concern immediately.

If you have any questions please contact us.