Organic Impasto Textures

Impasto painting is a special technique where the paint is laid on thickly so that certain areas are more visible, giving it a rich, three-dimensional effect. Impasto was used to give the impression of highlights, surfaces imbued with intense light. Starting in the 1700’s, impasto paint was laid on usually, but not always, with a palette knife. Van Gogh was probably the most noted for this technique, building his magical pieces with thick, dancing daubs of raised paint. This collection features rich yet mostly neutral or desaturated tones, which lends itself best to colorful objects in the foreground. A mixture of watercolors and oils, this collection of 31 (thirty-one) uber high resolution, high quality painted textures are a must-have for digital artists and designers who revel in texture and color. They measure 7000 pixels wide by 4667 pixels long, 300 dpi, jpg format.