Art Deco Flappers

This collection of gorgeous jazz age flapper girls is ha-cha-cha-cha! Oh how I wish hats (particularly cloches) were a must-have accessory today as they were back then in the golden age of Art Deco, the 1920s. This collection of 20 art deco fashion illustrations encompasses multiple ladies in every image even though the previews may […]


Glowing Opal Painted Textures

The colors in a raindrop on a window; the hues reflecting off the pond mist; the gasoline prisms in a puddle. Glowing Opal was created to capture those fleeting, subtle hues that can be more powerful than rich, saturated color. I wanted to get as close as I could get to real ethereal opalescence, the […]


Paris-the Ultimate Collection

This vintage Paris collection is classic. It contains everything you’d ever need to add quality, archival resolution vintage French photography and illustration to your artistic creations. This collection is comprised of fifteen images. With twelve high resolution vintage Eiffel Tower sepia photos, this collection also features gorgeous, high resolution antique French hot air balloon illustrations, a […]


French Ephemera Assortment Pack I

Old clock faces, antique French script/handwriting and calligraphy, old postcards, receipts, invoices, ephemera, cards, The Eiffel Tower, labels, signs—it’s all here. The magnificent Hotel Regina postcard graphic is one of the more noteworthy standouts in this beautiful collection. All thirty (30) images are in transparent .png format, 300 dpi, 20 inches (6000 pixels) at the longest side. […]


Vintage French Postcards

In the early 20th century, handpainted postcards (carte postale) were the rage in France. Photography studios used these cards to promote their photography, which was becoming a serious profession for many artists at the time. Prior to color photography, artists would take black and white photos depicting French life and hand-color them using unique tints […]


Gothic Grunge Painted Textures

You don’t need a dark soul to appreciate these deliciously dreary painted Gothic textures and backgrounds.  Very high resolution digital textures with strokes and slashes you can see, Gothic Grunge will add a touch of unsettling and a taste of macabre whether you use them as backgrounds or overlays or both. Use three or four […]