Vintage Photography Download-New to Painted Cellar

Old cars, old street lamps, antique telephones and chandeliers—just a taste of what you’ll find in Painted Cellar’s new Vintage Photography series. Much more to come! Sell them as prints, or alter the art and make it truly your own. All images were expertly restored and retouched and very high resolution. Check out some of […]

Rainbow Leaves, Prism Butterflies-new digital downloads added

These are no ordinary butterflies or leaves. They are color-soaked with gradations and hues you’ll never see in nature, and now they are available to you for immediate digital download. Use them as is, or change them, paint them and make them your own. A treasure trove of colorful organic elements for artists, photographers and […]

Painted Textures and Digital Designs for serious artists.

Welcome to Painted Cellar, whereyou’ll find art tools for serious artists. If you’re a digital artist, photographer or designer, or even a mixed media or canvas artist, I think it’s likely you will find something on Painted Cellar that can inspire and delight you. As a professional artist who makes a living from her art, […]